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Initiated to Drama in the outskirts of Paris, he then combined Theatre with Visual Arts and Juggling. In 2007 he moved to Madrid where he furthered his theatrical and physical studies within different classes and academies (like La Usina, the RESAD and the CSDMA). During this time, he collaborated with the emerging companies of Camille C. Hanson and Luz Arcas / La Phármaco, keeping the professional link with both companies until today.


In 2010, he started an artistic collaboration with Sharon Fridman / Projects in Movement, as dancer and choreographic assistant, participating actively in the creation of several of the projects of the choreographer.


During the last years he has been leading teaching activities within academies, companies, local and international festivals and, in 2016 he was invited choreographer by T.H.E Company (Singapore). Currently, after being co-directing with Raúl Martínez the Maslenitsa project, he is also involved in the artistic direction of SUSS dance company (Moscow, Russia). 


In parallel, borned from a deep and continued research started in 2010 alongside with Candelaria Antelo, they build and co-direct their own company : HURyCAN.



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