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Je te haime

2018 Audience award at the Concurso de Danza del Atlántico Norte - CODANZA (Holguín, Cuba)

2018 Award for the dramaturgy by the union of writers and artists of Cuba, Concurso del atlántico norte - CODANZA (Holguín, Cuba)

2013 Award of best dance performance at the 27 International Theater&Dance Fair (Huesca, Spain)

Harmony or disagreement, a love relation is often sustained by an unstable chemistry, where each and every step can have the infinite potential to project ourselves through endless intricacies. Protagonists are successively and repeatedly knotted, ripped, stitched up and tear by rage or tenderness, by laughs or tears. It is delicate the process to know each other, where a small detail of a gesture or just a glance can be enough to release the fury of passions lurking under a fragile crust, ready for confrontation…, or for embracing you.



Dance and choreography: 

Candelaria Antelo & Arthur Bernard Bazin

Light design: Cristina Bolivar

Music: Louis Amstrong “Basin Street Blues” 

             Cinematic Orchestra "The Fear Theme"

             Kid Koala "Basin Street Blues"

Dramatury advisor: Martin Vaamonde

Lenght: 35min

The project was supported by:

  • SYNODALES - Concours Chorégraphique Contemporaun des Jeunes Compagnies, France 

  • Opera Estate, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

  • Festival Danse en Places, Montauban, France

  • Centro de Danza Canal, Madrid, Spain

  • Compagnie Deambule de Michelle Wattez, France



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