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Four women exist together in a constantly shifting balance of power, in a brutality of bodies that collide, fall, support and repel each other. The bodies are dragged, and we are dragged with them into extreme states, situations that we provoke, or on the contrary, which surprise us and trap us into the absurd or the ridiculous.

In a dialogue between dance, theatre and music, the play questions the idea of attachment, the need to dominate the other through physical or psychological manipulation. bruta.L explores our relationship with others, revealing our contradictions mixing desire and fear that push us to act by brute force.

IMG_8794 (1) (1).jpg

Direction and choreography: Candelaria Antelo
Dancers: Ángela Chavero, Nathalie Remadi,

Paula Ruiz y Danielle Mesquita
Musical composition: Javier Geras / Paula Ruiz
Light design: Mathieu Dartus

Teaser indoors

Teaser outdoors 


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