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2017 Obtains the professionals award of best dance performance at the 31st Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca, Spain.

On the ground, a few steps from us, bodies are bumping, attracting, tearing apart, building and undoing them self with violence, humor and tenderness. Involved by the power of their actions, the dancers are writhing and resisting, as if their own lives were at stake.

The composition that appears is the dance of an organism facing survival, transmitting and sharing its humanity: magical and tangible, conceptual and sensible, beautiful and ugly…, alive.

70 Asuelto_stumayhew.jpg


Artistic direction and choreography: 

Arthur Bernard Bazin y Candelaria Antelo

Dancers: Xavier Auquer Gómez, Pau Cólera,

                Candelaria Antelo y Arthur Bernard Bazin

Musical composition: Sergio Salvi

Light design: Cristina Bolivar

©Stu Mayhew

Teaser outdoors 

Fira Tàrrega, Teatre al Carrer 2016

Teaser indoors

Sala negra Teatros del Canal 2016


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